E3 2017: Code Vein Announcement brings Bloody Action to E3 Xbox Conference

Today at the E3 2017 Xbox Conference, true to Microsoft’s word there was a very mixed bag of games on offer. From indie games to Minecraft, all the way to a new Bioware IP, there was something for everyone. This includes fans of the From Software style of games. Code Vein is a new game announced for release in 2018 by Bandai Namco. This wasn’t the only thing that Bandai Namco brought to the table, also announcing Dragonball Fighters Z; however, I think Code Vein is still a fascinating reveal.

The trailer showcased at E3 wasn’t very long, but it is clear that there is an obvious Dark Souls flavor to the gameplay, from the way enemies move to the way attacks are launched. However, Code Vein sets itself apart from this by showcasing not only an anime-esque imagery but also a gothic or vampiric feel as well. In the short reveal trailer, vampiric imagery, large enemies, weapon transformations and a ton of other concepts and ideas are thrown at you quickly.

There is very little gameplay shown other than a few glimpses of combat, and yet there is enough substance there to really get me curious. It seems to blend Dark Souls-esque combat and atmosphere, with a cast of characters that are unique and more than just bosses you encounter or NPC’s. It feels like a unique look at the genre, with a supernatural twist and a lot of blood.

There is no word as of yet WHEN we will see Code Vein launch in 2018, however, we know that Code Vein will release on Xbox One X, the Xbox One Store, Playstation 4, and PC. A Nintendo Switch release was not announced but anything can happen between now and next year. Bandai Namco has been bringing their A-game with Dragonball Fighters Z’s announcement, and Code Vein just sweetens the deal even more. I am incredibly excited to see what comes out of this announcement next year.

Source: Microsoft E3 Conference

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