5 Star Wars Planets That Should Be In Kingdom Hearts III

5 Star Wars Planets That Should Be In Kingdom Hearts III

At E3, it was revealed that Sora would be gracing the Playstation 4 sometime in the near future, and now that Disney owns Star Wars, Tetsuya Nomura has a whole new universe to play in. Nomura mentioned in an interview at the Japan Expo that he would love to include Star Wars characters into the Kingdom Hearts Universe, but that Disney had all sorts of rules and restrictions. So even though he may want to do it, the House of Mouse may not allow him. However, here are five planets and some characters (since the writer of this article thinks that mainstays like Luke, Han, Leia should be left alone) that should make an appearance should Sora decide to go to a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

5) Corusant

Since we were never privy to seeing Corusant in the original trilogy we assume that it was boring and humdrum, so we’ll send Sora and company to the time before the original trilogy.  Where the capital planet was bustling, full of life and background characters. As stated before, the heroes like Luke, Han, Leia, Obi-Wan etc. should be exempt from the game, unless Lucas wants to add Sora to the Special Editions of the prequel trilogy, and I wouldn’t put it past him.  However characters like Yoda and the Droids would be perfect for Kingdom Hearts. Who doesn’t want to see a Square-Enix inspired C3-PO or Yoda? They could write this planet in pretty easily, Donald and Goofy are kidnapped and it’s up to the Droids and Sora to save them, with a little help from Yoda along the way.  Keyblade and Lightsaber battling side by side would be pretty epic.

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4) Hoth

Hoth is one of the coolest planets (no pun intended) in the Star Wars Universe, and it would be great to see it stylized by the Square-Enix team. Plus it’d be nice to see the antics of Donald and Goofy when they first encounter a Wampa and have to have Sora smite it with the Keyblade. They could also “inadvertently” take down an AT-AT unbeknownst to Luke or Leia, during the Battle of Hoth. Then to tie it into the game the KH crew could search for something mystical and important on the planet to save the day at the end of the game.  It’s what they usually do anyway, only this time they are doing it Star Wars style.

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3) Naboo

Naboo is the home-planet to fan hated Jar Jar Binks, however his planet and character itself would translate well to the Kingdom Hearts Universe. If you think about it, he’s Lucas’ version of Goofy, and you’re already running around with him, and a duck with no pants on. Integrating this planet into the game could be easy, use the old switcheroo where Goofy is replaced with Jar Jar. Then to rid themselves of this menace, Donald and Sora have to travel to Naboo to return Jar Jar (or kill him) and reclaim their own klutz, Goofy.

5 Star Wars Planets That Should Be In Kingdom Hearts III screenshot 3

2) Mustafar

Nothing is more awesome looking than lava leaving a volcano, so why not include the volcano planet on Sora’s tour of the Outer Rim? This is where the epic final battle between Sora and the unannounced antagonist could happen.  It would be a glorious backdrop as Sora battles for the fate of the universe while trying not to trip on Anakin’s limbs.  Please make this level happen, there are some humorous trophies to be had here.

5 Star Wars Planets That Should Be In Kingdom Hearts III screenshot 4

1) Endor

You can’t pass up the cuteness of Ewoks, and a Square-Enix version would be even cuter. Imagine a plushy one on your couch, add in some Chocobos and you have a diabetic shock planet right there. The story could somehow take them to Endor during the Battle of Endor and Sora and team could help Wicket destroy some Empire soldiers.  All while trying to the save the both universes from destruction. One realizes that this isn’t the best way to write this planet in, but Square-Enix pays some executives a ton of money to figure this stuff out, and I’m sure they could do it quite well.

5 Star Wars Planets That Should Be In Kingdom Hearts III screenshot 5

What say you? Are there any planets that you would like to see in the next Kingdom Hearts should they go there?

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