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5 Things We Think Rockstar Will Add To GTA VI

5 things Rockstar could add to GTA VI

Seeing that Grand Theft Auto V is the biggest video game this year, there is little reason to doubt a sequel. Hopefully this one won’t take five years though. However, in all honesty those five years did perfect one of those games that you never thought could get any better. Here’s where Rockstar may decide to go in its next installment of the hugely popular GTA franchise.

1) Customizable main character

With the popularity of the selfie pics in GTAV there should be no reason why Rockstar will not allow players to put their face on the main character, whether it be by building it in game, or using the Kinect or Eye cameras. It would be amazing to see yourself rise through the ranks of criminal empire after criminal empire, and taking selfies of yourself after causing a huge car wreck, or hijacking a bank. The possibilities are endless, Rockstar Social Club Facebook posting would be lighting up walls with digital people showcasing their mayhem, or even yoga-ing. This would be an awesome addition to an already outstanding franchise. Doesn’t the writer of this article look great as Trevor?

Grand Theft Auto V

2) Drop in and out Co-op

Depending on how well GTA Online is received we may see Grand Theft Auto VI go the Borderlands route with drop in and drop out Co-op. Grand Theft Auto V would have been more fun during the heists had your buddies been allowed to play as Trevor and Franklin while you took control of Micheal. This may seem like a minor gripe, but how cool would it be to have your friend sniping the bad guys while you attempted to hold onto the package and your friend playing as Trevor flew you both to safety? It would have been less of a break in the action while changing characters, and then you’d have some great stories to tell at the bar with your buddies. With all the hiccups and bloops in the online world Rockstar has created, drop in and out co op might be a better idea for them.

Grand Theft Auto V88626619

3) Real time day and night cycles

Seeing that most of the gaming industry copies one and other, it would seem logical for Rockstar to look towards Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid V and its real time day cycles. Instead of the day passing rather quickly around you in the game, a real cycle would make the game even more realistic.  Setting up the heists would take more time and require you to play at certain times of the day instead of just having the game pave its way there for you. This could make the game a tad more difficult and make it even larger in scope. Missions could be set up exclusively for both daytime and nighttime play lengthening and expanding the game as a whole.

Grand Theft Auto V

4) New city

Rockstar needs to search its Google Maps page a bit more. We’ve only really seen three cities in the core titles, the San Andreas/Los Santos area, Vice City and Liberty City. It is time for Rockstar to stay away from the coasts and maybe go a bit more inland. Chicago or Detroit would be a nice new city to start with. Chicago and Detroit are both crime ridden cities, Rockstar characters would make a killing there, both figuratively and literally.

Grand Theft Auto V

5) Zombies

Rockstar has already proven to us in Red Dead Redemption that they can do zombies, and do zombies quite well. So, why not add them to the Grand Theft Auto franchise? In fact, if Rockstar did it right they could easily parody or pay homage the Romero Pittsburgh zombie movies. Have the game start in normal Pittsburgh, make some mayhem happen, perhaps have a heist in a pharmaceutical company where the gang accidentally released a zombie plague then let the fun ensue. Rockstar should keep it a secret though and just call it Grand Theft Auto: Hard Steele or something like that, then surprise everyone with the zombie turn around. Everyone would be scrambling to play that bad boy.

Grand Theft Auto V

Where do you think Rockstar is going to take their beloved franchise? Any of the above ideas sound good or have you got your own ingenious additions? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  • 1st 5th idea is crazy. Just like in SR3 we have zombies and customizable character which ruins the gameplay. Customizable character means a anonymous personality ruling the game..
    Real day and time cycle is a big deal. Well who plays the game whole day and who waste time in saving eveytime.
    New city and Co-op is really a great idea. Well for me, I like to see some sci-fi stuff in GTA VI and more reference to AREA 51 urban legends. In fact I like to see the Area 51 from its core.. That memories/

  • marty

    I think some new cities would be a good move for gta

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