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6 Retro Disney Games That Wayforward Needs To Remaster

6 Retro Disney Games That Wayforward Needs To Remaster featured image

Ducktales: Remastered is set to be pretty successful for Wayforward Technologies, so it seems logical that their next game should be another remastering of a beloved Disney classic.  You don’t fix what’s broken, right? So being one of those aging gamers, the memories are still fresh of certain long night fighting through platformers as Chip and Dale, Darkwing Duck and the like. It seems right that new memories need be made. In fact, they should all be remastered memories. Here is a list of the top 6 games that Wayforward should tackle next.

6) Talespin – Last seen 1991 on the NES and Sega Genesis

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Wayforward could certainly have some fun remastering this game, seeing as there were two different versions of the game that hit the home market.  The NES one was a side-scrolling game where Baloo and Kit are flying to the right and shooting enemies and dodging attacks. The Genesis version was a traditional platformer for two players. One could be Baloo, one K

it. You would have to collect enough barrels for an exit to open on the level. There really isn’t a drawn out story in either game other than a bad guy, Shere Khan, trying to put Rebecca’s cargo delivery service out of business.  Adding a story that would mesh the styles together should be pretty easy for Wayforward as evident by the creativity they’ve shown in their newest release.

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5) Quackshot – Last seen December 19, 1991 on Sega Genesis and Saturn

You play as Donald Duck in this side-scrolling adventure, looking for treasure all around the world. Donald ends up snooping in Uncle Scrooge’s library and discovers a piece of a treasure map.  He decides that this is his path to fortune and sets off on his adventure.  Unfortunately Big Bad Pete is sneaking around the library as well and sees Donald make his discovery.  Since Pete is bad, he obviously follows Donald on his adventure, trying to foil Donald in every way and make off with the treasure. The platforming was pretty standard. Donald had a special gun that could shoot plungers, popcorn or bubblegum. He only had unlimited plungers, so players had to be conservative with their other ammo.  Seeing that Wayforward could add a cohesive story to the original Ducktales game, there is no reason they couldn’t spruce this one up as well and make some downloadable game goodness.

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4) Aladdin – Last seen November 21, 1993 on the Super Nintendo

Aladdin is another Disney property that had many incarnations. There was a version for the NES, Gameboy, Sega Genesis, Game Gear, even the Amiga was granted a version. The one that stands out the most and is extremely memorable is the Capcom-published version. Oddly enough the Capcom version was designed by the master of survival horror, Shinji Mikami, which makes it easy to understand why it is the most memorable.  This version of the game follows the story of the movie and turns it into a side-scrolling platformer, with Aladdin as the lead and armed to the teeth with apples. At least with this one Wayforward wouldn’t have to pen an all new story, they could just arrange the current one into a feasible game.  What they should spend a majority of their time doing should they remaster this game, is convincing Robin Williams to return as the Genie.

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3) Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers – Last seen June, 1990 on the NES

Another punishing Capcom platformer is disguised in the form a of couple of cute chipmunks, one of them even in a Hawaiian shirt.  This game follows Chip and Dale trying to rescue their friend and gadgetmaker (aptly named Gadget). This game was difficult because the chipmunks could only take three hits before demise, and there was no password system to allow a boot-up at the same spot.  Speed-run anyone? This was a typial platformer at the time. One player could play as Chip while a second took on Dale.  The chipmunks could pick up objects in the level, usually acorns or barrels to throw at enemies to defeat them. This title soon became Capcom’s 4th-best selling title on the NES, which makes one wonder why Wayforward hasn’t begun to remaster it.

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2) Darkwing Duck – Last seen June 1992 on the NES

This is another Capcom masterpiece made by the team that brought you Ducktales and Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers. Plus he is Disney’s answer to Batman, or possibly spoof, and who doesn’t love Batman or homages to Batman? Darkwing Duck plays very much like a Mega Man game seeing as it was built in the Mega Man 5 engine. You play as Darkwing Duck who starts off with a normal gas gun, but can upgrade it as the game progresses.  He is tasked with fighting six of his most dastardly enemies in order to find the location of Steelbeak, his nemesis. This is just a perfect melting pot of Batman homage, Mega Man, and Disney humor that Wayforward needs to dip its spoon into.

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1) Ducktales 2 – Last seen June 1993 on the NES

Sadly the sequel to the highly successful Ducktales game was given a limited release on the NES due to the fact that the system was on the way out. Most gamers had begun to jump ship to the shiny new SNES.  The sequel was also very well received, but unfortunately did poor commercially. It has become a rarity nowadays and is just itching to be remade so that aging gamers can relive a part of their childhood that they never got to experience. The game followed its predecessor’s non-linear format and allowed the player to pick the levels as they saw fit. This game is also a treasure hunt, but instead of looking for actual treasure, Scrooge McDuck is looking for pieces of the map to find the long-lost McDuck Treasure. Of course, Flintheart Glomgold is trying to throw a monkey-wrench into Scrooge’s plan as the game progresses.  It is also rumored there are two endings to this game, so Wayforward needs to take the success of the Ducktales: Remastered and make gamers everywhere another downloadable treasure. Hopefully, it’ll be a treasure more easily acquired ones Scrooge is after.

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