8Bit Proof

8Bit Proof Episode 02: The Hangover Strikes Back

Hold your nose and open your ears because the deuce has been dropped. Episode 02 of the greatest podcast in history has stained the carpet of the interwebz and we’re going to rub your noses in it.


This episode features:

  • The premiere of Slapshot:  video game trivia with a side of hard liquor and a healthy dose of on-air physical violence.
  • The spoiler-filled Tournament of Trilogies, where the we discuss and compare 10 major video game and movie trilogies in order to officially determine once and for all which ones suck, and which ones are awesome.
  • The introduction of the Full Audience Participation segment, where we FAP with the audience via our official Facebook page and Twitter.

So whether you’re working out, riding the bus, or just sitting around being awesome, make sure to download this action packed episode because no matter what you’re doing, it will be better while listening to 8Bit Proof. We’re like bacon for your ear drums.

(Please note that this episode of 8Bit Proof originally aired the summer of 2012, on BlastMagazine.com. Therefore, the majority of the subject matter may be a bit dated, and references to our home website and its staff are no longer accurate.  Also, any entries received for contests mentioned during this particular episode are no longer are not valid (duh). However we do love listener participation, so anything we receive will be kindly mentioned during the taping of the newest edition of the podcast.)  


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