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8Bit Proof Episode 11.(PS)4

Since Sony’s unveiling of the PlayStation 4 last week, the internet has been abuzz with everything related to the next generation console. By now, you’ve surely heard what every blogger and industry expert had to say, but what about four drunk nerds from Boston?  Tune into this very special episode as the 8Bit crew goes over the announcement with a fine tooth comb, giving their own reactions, predictions, and of course, arguments.


This episode features.

  • A quick, booze-guzzling contest to kick off the show.
  • A breakdown of Sony’s announcement in terms of technology, speed, hardware, and social connectivity.
  • Thoughts on the individual developer tech demos.
  • A comprehensive list of the games announced and showcased for the PS4.
  • Roger’s accidental creation of a new, filthy-sounding word.

So even if you think you know everything there is to know about the PlayStation 4, you should probably listen to this episode, just to be sure.  Do it for love. Do it for the children. Do it for freedom.  Do it because it’s awesome and it will make you awesome by association (a scientifically proven fact).

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(Please note that this episode of 8Bit Proof originally aired on February 25, 2013, on BlastMagazine.com. Therefore, the majority of the subject matter may be a bit dated, and references to our home website and its staff are no longer accurate.  Also, any entries received for contests mentioned during this particular episode are no longer valid (duh). However we do love listener participation, so anything we receive will be kindly mentioned during the taping of the newest edition of the podcast.)  

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