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8Bit Proof Episode 15: XBOned

With Sony’s PS4 announcement in February and Microsoft’s Xbox One announcement last month, the once cold console war has begun to heat up! However, despite gamers’ anticipation for this holiday season, both press conferences left something to be desired. While Sony showcased games, neglecting the actual look of the PS4, Microsoft went the other way, demonstrating nearly everything the Xbox One could do aside from play games. Microsoft’s press conference also came with a few, downright confusing strings attached. So, being the gracious podcasters we are, we flop, face-first, into the pool of perplexing mystery that is the Xbox One.


This episode includes:

  • A mostly improvised game of Select Difficulty
  • A literal butt-ton of 8Bit Proof EXCLUSIVE Xbox One information courtesy of our mysterious special guest and Microsoft insider.
  • Our level-headed analysis of the Xbox One’s most controversial details.
  • A game bringing us up to date with all the happenings within geek culture since our last episode.
  • The easiest contest of all time to win a free digital copy of Skyrim for the Xbox 360.

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(Please note that this episode of 8Bit Proof originally aired on June 6, 2013, on BlastMagazine.com. Therefore, the majority of the subject matter may be a bit dated, and references to our home website and its staff are no longer accurate.  Also, any entries received for contests mentioned during this particular episode are no longer valid (duh). However we do love listener participation, so anything we receive will be kindly mentioned during the taping of the newest edition of the podcast.)  

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