8Bit Proof

8Bit Proof Episode 21: Drunkest. Episode. Ever.

Our little podcast is hitting milestones and growing up fast. As this episode is our 21st, we felt that it was our responsibility, nay our civic duty to get as regrettably, unforgivingly, blackout drunk as humanly possible. While this may have sounded like a great idea at the time, even seasoned alcoholics like us weren’t prepared for what happened. Take a moment to listen to this gruesomely amazing audio wreck. You’ll never hear anything like it again.


This episode includes:

  • The return of the dreaded Power Hour.
  • Susi’s booze-related trivia game.
  • Roger’s video game drink recipes and the naming of the official 8Bit Proof drink.
  • Corey’s mostly derailed Top 5 Booziest Game list.
  • Joe’s highly inebriated list of drinks that pair well with games.
  • Winners and miserable losers are named in the “Pick a cast member to make it to the end of the show without vomiting” contest.

– If you’re a winner, please claim your prize via Facebook, Twitter, or Email.

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