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8Bit Proof Episode 22: Digital Penetration

8BP Ep 22 - Bagogames

As technology pushes forward, physical media is slowly but surely being replaced by digital content. But would a future of completely digital media be a utopian world of convenience and organization, or an expensive, hellish nightmare of unused DVD cabinets and longboxes? With the limitations of hard drive storage, is it even feasible to go completely digital and leave behind our physical collections? Is there anything that simply couldn’t be replaced by a digital equivalent? We explore all these questions and more.


This episode includes:

  • A “Name the Owner” game about digital exclusives.
  • A brief history lesson about digital game content.
  • A discussion about the pros and cons of going digital with games and other media.
  • Joe’s new segment about giving (and not giving).
  • An extended FAP segment where the listeners shared their thoughts on going digital.

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