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8Bit Proof Episode 23: PAX On, PAX Off

8Bit Proof Episode 23: PAX On, PAX Off

Another PAX East has come and gone, leaving us tired, dazed, and a little sore. After spending the entire last week desperately trying to block out the bad memories and recall the hazy ones, we think we’re to confront what happened. Join us as we recount the sights, smells, feels, drinks, and hilarious hijinks had at the biggest gaming event this side of the Mississippi!



This episode includes:

• First hand game impressions.
• Drunken daytime shenanigans.
• Credit card roulette.
• Restroom tips.
• Corey’s cocky drive home.

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Corey's been playing video games since he first climbed atop a barstool to play Duck Hunt on an arcade cabinet. He maintains an unhealthy obsession with Ducktales, the Back to the Future trilogy, and Punisher comics. If he's not playing games, you can probably find him riding his motorcycle, napping in a hammock, or weeping gently into a glass of whiskey. He also enjoys self-deprecating humor, and talking about himself in the third person.

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