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8Bit Proof Episode 25: The Terrible, Super Late, Super Drunk E3 Reaction Show No One Cares About

So E3 is long, long, long over. Well, to be fair, it ended a couple weeks ago, but in Internet time, that was like a billion years ago. We know you’ve already read and reread everything juicy tidbit of news that came out that weekend. Hell, you’ve probably already listened to several other podcasts’ reaction shows. It’s ok, we’re not mad. We knew about the other podcasts. But, we also know that you may stray now and again, but you always come back. We know what you can’t get enough of. We know what you like, baby, and we’re here to give it to you.


This episode includes:

  • The return of “Pardon the Intoxication”, this time with a much quieter Susi.
  • The best of E3.
  • The worst of E3.
  • Listener’s weigh in with their thoughts on E3 as we read their Facebook comments.
  • Lot’s of drunkenness and nonsensical, petty bickering.

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