8Bit Proof

8Bit Proof Episode 28: Candy From Strangers


How do you make the booziest video game podcast even sweeter? Just add some candy! This post-Halloween time of year, candy is everywhere, so we felt obligated to dedicate an entire episode to this wonderful, sugary childhood currency. Are you into the chocolate stuff, or are you on the hard candy end of the spectrum? Either way, it’s been a long week and you deserve to treat yourself, so why not join us and give yourself a couple ear-cavities.

Unwrap this episode to find:

  • Corey’s Candy Quiz.
  • The completely off-topic first impressions of Sunset Overdrive.
  • The Great Candy-bate to decide the official candy of 8Bit Proof.
  • You got your candy in my video games. You got your video games in my candy.
  • The listeners weigh in to tell us what’s the best candy of all time.

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