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A Few Games Valve Really Should Release

One of the most popular developers out there has to be Valve. These guys are responsible for some of the most iconic titles in the history of gaming including but not limited to Half-Life. They’re also the masterminds behind the now hugely popular PC and Mac gaming platform, Steam. Although we got DOTA 2 last month, camp Valve has been relatively quiet in terms of sequels and new IPs, so the real question is: where the hell has Valve been the past few years and what needs to happen for them to triumphantly return?

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 Left 4 Dead 3

It’s common knowledge that Valve seems to harbor an apparent phobia of creating third installments to their franchises. They’re very clever as a company and refrain from overstaying their welcome as to not appear money grabbing. Unfortunately even though this is all well and good it does mean many excellent franchises get left to gather dust, franchises such as Left 4 Dead.

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Since 2009 the developer has remained completely hush-hush about even the possibility of a sequel to this crazily entertaining co-op zombie game. A third game could add an infected campaign, be based in somewhere exotic such as Australia or Africa and thusly bring some creative new infected to the table. With the next generation looming and Left 4 Dead being one of the most popular Xbox exclusives it’s seriously about time Valve pulled this rotting finger out.

 Portal 3

Portal started as some kind of joke, a little add-on game that featured in The Orange Box bundle that Valve used to kickstart hype regarding the Half-Life franchise. From this little bundled game however, a massive cult has formed. Portal is arguably one of the most accessible and original first-person puzzle games out there and possesses the classic advanced physic engine that Valve games are infamous for. In fact, Portal was so adored that Valve released a stand alone sequel to great critical acclaim, but that was way back in 2011. It’s fair to say that many gamers are a little homesick for Aperture Science Labs. Many will agree that Portal 2 offered a rather concluding climax leaving little room for a sequel, but it’s impossible to deny that the world wants more GLaDoS.

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 Half Life 3

If Valve decided to churn another Portal out before Half-Life 3 it’s quite likely that the world will self implode in a confused and exasperated fireball. Half-Life is undoubtedly a cornerstone in gaming history with most gamers experiencing some form of nostalgic quiver whenever they see a crowbar or meet someone named Gordon. Mixing a stunning universe with first-person action, gruesome and interesting enemies, and groundbreaking physics is what’s made the Half-Life installments the franchise it is today. Believe it or not, it’s been over 6 long years since we had any kind of Half-Life release and to be blunt, Episode Two ended on a cruel cliff-hanger. It’s safe to say that this is the most anticipated Valve release and will hopefully prove that the developer can indeed count to three. If there’s ever something gamers want to see, it’s definitely Gordon Freeman kicking Combine ass.

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 New IP’s

If we just sit back and accept that Valve can’t count to three, that leaves us gamers with one more final demand. Do it again, Valve. Release something game-changing. They’re the minds behind many of the most popular PC games to date, and if they can do it once they can certainly do it again. Maybe their recent silence has been the calm before a storm of fantastic new IPs they’ve been keeping under lock and key? What kind of game would you like to see Valve bring out if they were working on something brand new?

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Which Valve game are you most looking forward to or are you quite content with DOTA 2 for now? Have any of our readers grabbed a Steam Box yet? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!

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