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Welcome to bagogames. We are your source for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC, 3DS, & PSvita games with gaming news, reviews, previews, trailers, cheat codes, strategy guides, & video walkthroughs. Our staff are experienced, avid and dedicated game journalists and are dedicated to bringing you top quality news, as soon as it comes out. We all love games and we want to express our passion for gaming through writing on this website. We are top quality writers and give you the reviews plain and simple. if we like the game, we rate it high, if we don’t then we rate it low! We also let you decide, you can rate the games how you want and your overall rating will be displayed as well as ours!

Our Mission:

To Provide high quality news and original content to our readers. We’re real gamers, we spent hours playing the games we critique and write about. You deserve honesty and the best, so that’s what we strive to provide. No matter if it’s news, reviews, or opinion. We’re real Gamers doing justice to games.

Our organization:

BagoGames is a fast growing website. We have over 25 writers churning out news, reviews, and opinion pieces on a daily basis. BagoGames was founded 1 year ago by our founder and Editor in Chief Trevor D. Kincaid. With his team and top notch managers he strives to build BagoGames into a highly profitable and successful online publication. We are constantly striving to build up and grow this site in any way possible. If it’s through our short film endevour, our BagoGames Magazine project, or any other idea that seems ripe for the taking we’ll be on top of it if it makes sense for us and provides a better and more engaging experience for our readers.

We hope you enjoy the website and we hope you will keep coming back for news, reviews, previews, videos and more!