The Animated Adventures of Firefly Teaser gives fans hope for the first time since Serenity

Fans of Firefly rejoice – artist Stephen Byrne has taken it upon himself to resurrect the long-loved series with The Animated Adventures of Firefly. His “teaser” was released on August 14, and with over 80,000 views in just under two days, fans of the series have definitely made it known that they want this to happen. As of now, however, it is not known if there are any formal plans to pursue funding or animation of the series. Byrne declined to comment on any plans, but is clearly pleased with fan’s responses. It’s obvious that if there’s even a slight possibility of the series actually moving forward, fans will back it every step of the way.

The 30 second trailer features the crew of Serenity where the movie left off, with new romance, heartbreak, and just enough time left over “for some thrilling heroics.” Animation is painstakingly detailed, and it’s obvious that Byrne has created each moment with love. Check out the teaser below:

Source: Youtube

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