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Ape Out – Boston FIG Hands-On Preview

(Ape Out, Devolver Digital)
Ape Out, Devolver Digital

Developer – Gabe Cuzzillo
Publisher – Devolver Digital
Location – Brooklyn, New York

What is it?
After realizing how much more fun it was to grab and throw enemies rather than sneak past them, Gabe Cuzzillo’s initial creation of a top-down stealth game evolved into Ape Out. In development for over 2 years, Ape Out has no connection to the Internet’s current favorite meme, but it also doesn’t shy away from primate controversy. You play as an ape attempting to escape from a guard-filled facility by simply walking from point A to B. While your enemies are fully armed, your only means of attack are simian. When in range of an enemy, you can brutally shove them, splattering them against walls, pick them up to use as meat shields, or simply use them like projectiles to take out other guards.

Ape Out

(Ape Out, Devolver Digital)

Why should I care?
While slightly more forgiving in gameplay, Ape Out‘s similarities to one of its publisher’s other titles, Hot Line Miami, is very apparent. Its accessible concept and control scheme, along with instantly addictive gameplay are reminiscent of Super Meat Boy in that you’ll want to give each level “just one more shot” over and over. The game’s B-movie level of violence and gorilla-inflicted gore are completely over the top, yet obscenely satisfying thanks, in part, to the game’s minimalist art style.

When can I play it?
Ape Out will be available on Steam and possibly PS4 by mid 2017.

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