Apple Patent A Way To “Trade” Your Digital Content

Apple Patent A Way To “Trade” Your Digital Content

It’s something that we all want to do. Perhaps you decided that whilst you were learning to drive you would pay for and download a “Driving Theory Test” App from Apple’s App Store, maybe you downloaded a few revision apps for that important test last semester or maybe you’ve played so much Doodle Jump that you can’t stand the game anymore and would rather invest your time playing something else. Cue Apple and it’s ideas for a solution…

The patent, published today but filed last summer, tries to come up with a solution to this issue with suggestions such as giving credit or discounts if you were to trade your digital content. Other ideas include tracking usage data to see how much of the application you consumed.

The patent makes for interesting reading especially when it begins to discuss the option of “temporary transfers” of authorized access to digital content. The full list can be seen in the source below.

What do you think? Would you welcome such a different/new approach to digital content?

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