Attack on Titan Recap Films Releasing in US

(Attack on Titan, FUNimation)

FUNimation has acquired the rights to both the Attack on Titan recap films.

Gather together your fellow friends and make a night out of this special chance to see your favorite characters on a large theatre screen. The first film, Attack on Titan Part 1 – Guren no Yumiya, will be shown in certain Reading and Alamo Drafthouse theaters in the US on March 27th. The second movie, titled Attack on Titan Part 2 – Jiyuu no Tsubasa, will also be shown in the same theaters on March 28th or 29th (the exact date depends upon the individual theater’s schedule). Both animated films will only be available in English Dub and the movies are only being shown on these nights.

Attack on Titan Recap Films / FUNimation

Attack on Titan Recap Films / FUNimation

Part 1 will cover the first half of the anime adaptation for Season 1 and Part 2 covers the second half of Season 1. For those die-hard fans of AoT, the Part 2 recap film will have a surprise at the end of the film reel: the teaser trailer for the anime’s second season!! So if you can’t wait any longer to find out what Season 2 has in store, than head to one of the select theaters and watch at least Part 2. If you would like to see which theater is closest to you, then follow this link to find it.

Source: FUNimation

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