Nate Munson
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I'm a life-long gamer and farm boy from the midwest. I was raised by wolves. I love comics and pretty much all things geek. My favorite games have a good story; the genre doesn't matter. If I had a super power it would be biting sarcasm. If you buy me a drink; make it a Jack and Coke.

The Best Comics of 2014

Comics have been all over the place lately like the always are at the end of the year. As such, pull lists have been either humongous or a scant few. This doesn’t just apply to me, but to all th…

Drunken Questions with Jason Anarchy

Jason Anarchy was kind enough to answer some questions about his comic and his game. Drinking Quest is a lot of fun and lends itself well to a comic. I was even encouraged not to keep the questions to…