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Bago Previews: Rise & Shine (PC)

Where did this artistically designed 2D Platformer even come from… Rise & Shine is an indie game developed by the Spanish Studio Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team, not sure how they came up with that one but it’s rather interesting to say the least.

I decided to dive into the game and just find out what this game is all about. At this point I hadn’t played a single second of gameplay before and had no idea what to expect. The following video is a preview of the game and my experience playing it, enjoy.

Rise & Shine releases for Xbox One and PC on January 14th 2017 (it did say 13th so it’s close). Get it on Steam here.

Let us know at BagoGames what you think of the game or of the section of gameplay that I played. Are you interested in this game?


Sources: SuperMegaTeam, Steam

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