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Bago Replay – White PS3 Bundle, Skyrim DLC Finally for PS3, Next Gen Consoles (Jan. 14 – 20)

Bago Replay – White PS3 Bundle, Skyrim DLC Finally for PS3, Next Gen Consoles (Jan. 14 – 20)

Bago Replay is our weekly show recapping this weeks hottest news stories, exclusive reviews and original podcasts.

Top News:

White PS3 Bundle:
Nintendo Joining Teams:
Skyrim DLC PS3:
Kevin Butler Done:
Next Gen Prices:

This Weeks Reviews:

Under Defeat HD:
Rise of the Guardians:
LEGO Lord of the Rings:
Dead Space 2:
Playstation Allstars: Battle Royale:

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Love playing survival horror games like Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and more recently the Dead Space series. Huge fan of Fallout and Skyrim type open-world games. Founded BagoGames to express myself and create a venue for others just as passionate about gaming to do the same.

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