In this weeks Bagocast we discuss what we’re playing, Sony’s new PlayStation 3 Super Slim edition, The takeover of Gaikai, The Xbox 8, Gravity Rush and Trevor’s love of extremely overweight women. Enjoy!



Show Notes:

Podcast Contributors this Episode:

    •  Grant Wilson, Associate Reviewer for BagoGames 
    •  Trevor Kincaid, Editor in Chief for BagoGames – Read more stories by Trevor.
    •  Mitch Concannon, Associate News Writer for BagoGames
Music credit:
  • FantomenK- CPU Mood 
  • Rayman Origins- Kazoo

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Sony Buys Gaikai

PlayStation 3 Bulimic Edition

Xbox 720 changes title to Xbox 8?

One Response

  1. DSB_IV

    Personally I don’t buy into anything saying the X Box 8 is the name of the next console considering the operation system might be updated before the next console. I think it’s probably going to be a system update, or it’s just Microsoft protecting it’s IP


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