So after a long and overdue hiatus, the BagoCast is back. This week the Irish trio talk what they’re playing, top five news articles of the week, and they also present a few reviews from the site and entertain you with their Morgan Freeman facts segment and Story time with Ross. Enjoy.


BagoCast Show Notes:

YouTube It:



  • The Greatest Hits | Hitman HD Trilogy Review 4.0
  • Croixleur – and thats the short version of her name 3.8
  • Devil May Cry – Reboot Reborn = 4.5
  • Corpse Party Book Of Memories = 4.5
  • Dark Of Souls = 4.9
  • Playstation All-Stars = 4.1

Fan Appreciation for providing our questions this week:

  • Jose H. Sanchez Jr
  • Neil Jackson
  • Alex Murrey

BagoCast Morgan Freeman Facts:

  • Morgan Freeman developed the first cloud while wake-boarding in the alps.
  • Yo Yos were first used by Morgan Freeman as a make shift metronome so that the world could sing to HIS beat.
  • Just like an old prostitutes vagina, Morgan Freemans voice is deep and comforting!
  • If Morgan Freeman doesn’t like something, it quickly learns to be awesome or simply ceases to exist!
  • Morgan freeman is the stig.If you drop buttered toast off a table…..morgan freeman would be disappointed that you wasted food.

Story Time:

  • Ross talks Surgical glove story, Super powers.

BagoCast Podcast Contributors this Episode:

  •  Mitch Concannon, VP of BagoGames, Reviews Editor and host for the bagoCast. Follow @MitchConcannon
  •  Ross Mortimar, Youtube content provider for BagoGames – Follow @RossMuffin 
  • Ian Donahue Youtube content provider for BagoGames. Follow @Donny_Ian

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