BagoCast Episode 24 – 3rd Time Lucky

BagoCast Episode 24 – 3rd Time Lucky
Mitch Concannon

This week on BagoCast we are back with new segments that don’t work and some that may stick. We have been away for awhile due to the fact of Episodes messing up in edit. We are back in a new formula and have more things planned for the future so stay tuned for more banter.



Show Notes:


  • Downloading Lego City Undercover Will Require AN External Hard Drive
  • Vita Outsells 3DS In Japan
  • Nintendo Required To Pay $30.2 Million As It’s Found Guilty Of Patent Infringement
  • Saints Row IV Coming in August
  • John Riccitiello Resigns from EA

Fan Appreciation for providing our questions this week:

  • Aaron asks:What is the most anticipated game for the BagoCast crew

  • David Hanley wats the story with goats cheese?

  • Jose H. Sanchez Jr Continue the great debate: In a knife fight who would win a monkey or a squid?

BagoCast Podcast Contributors this Episode:

  •  Mitch Concannon, VP of BagoGames, Reviews Editor and host for the bagoCast. Follow @MitchConcannon
  •  Ross Mortimar, Youtube content provider for BagoGames – Follow @RossMuffin 
  • Ian Donahue Youtube content provider for BagoGames. Follow @Donny_Ian

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Mitch Concannon

I like writing about other things but dislike writing about myself. Not much to it. Been a fan of games since i can remember and been a Sony Fan boy since i bought a PS1. Like the freedom to take something and put my own perspective on it.

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