This week The BagoCast take on the mountain of christ and are victorious  After they take on the podcast and fail to award you with the award winning podcast you all come to look for and deserve.



Secret Santa Trophy Challenge:

Names are pulled out of a hat to decide who you have for that week. Once you have your person selected, you choose a single trophy from a list of 10 games approved by that person. They then have until the next podcast/1 week to get that trophy

Rules: No Purchases – DLC or Retail (only games we own or have easy access to)

Only Single Trophies – A trophy can not require you to unlock other trophies to get it (platinum)

Progression trophies – are acceptable, within reason, ruling to be made by other 2 contestants.

Ross: Trophy for this week Maximum Payne: (Silver) Story complete old school mode. 

  1. Batman Arkham City: = Perfect Freeflow 2.0: (Bronze) Perform a perfect combo including all of Batman’s combat
  2. Splinter Cell.
  3. Just Cause 2.
  4. Sega mega Drive Collection.
  5. Infamous 2.
  6. Mass Effest 3.
  7. Skyrim.
  8. Max Payne 3: Maximum Payne: (Silver) Story complete old school mode.
  9. Metal Gear Solid 4.
  10. Sniper Elite V2.

Mitch: Trophy For This Week = So Much Blood!: (Bronze) Gunzerk continously for 90 seconds. 

  1. Shadow Of The Colossus: = Tower Of Prayer: (Silver) Save at all save points.
  2. Mass Effect 3
  3. Sleeping Dogs.
  4. Ni No Kuni.
  5. Dishonored
  6. Rachet And Clank All 4 One.
  7. Borderlands 2. = So Much Blood!: (Bronze) Gunzerk continously for 90 seconds.
  8. Motorstorm Apocalypse.
  9. DarkSiders 2.
  10. Renegade Ops.

Ian: Trophy For this Week The Walking Dead: (Platinum) Earn all trophies in: The Walking Dead

  1. L.A Noire: = Hollywoodland: (Silver) Find and inspect all gold film canisters.
  2. Sly Cooper 2.
  3. Super Stardust HD.
  4. Burnout Crash.
  5. Metal Gear Solid 2.
  6. Hitman 2 .
  7. Worms Revolution.
  8. The Walking Dead: = The Walking Dead: (Platinum) Earn all trophies in: The Walking Dead
  9. Metal Gear Solid Rising Revengence.
  10. Resident Evil 4.

BagoCast Podcast Contributors this Episode:

  •  Mitch Concannon, VP of BagoGames, Reviews Editor and host for the bagoCast. Follow @MitchConcannon
  •  Ross Mortimar, Youtube content provider for BagoGames – Follow @RossMuffin 
  • Ian Donahue Youtube content provider for BagoGames. Follow @Donny_Ian

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