The BagoCast Podcast #1 – E3 2016

Welcome to the first episode of The BagoCast!

Join host Logan Schultz and guests Christopher Cross, Eleni DiCarlo, and Angelo De Bellis as they dig deep into E3 2016 and pull out all of the news and opinions you’ve been waiting for! There is laughter, zaniness, and even a couple of fights! You definitely don’t want to miss this.

Take a listen here:


Topics include:

-The EA conference nobody really wanted.

-The Bethesda conference where Logan gets too excited about Skyrim.

-Logan and Chris battle it out over the Xbox One S and the 4K revolution.

-Why Ubisoft’s conference was almost painful.

-What was a hit and what was a miss in Sony’s conference.

-The annoying Pokemon showing and how Zelda made Eleni’s brain melt with joy.

-Who won E3, who lost E3, and our best games of E3 2016.

And be sure to join us at the end of next week for our first regular format episode of The BagoCast! We’ll have regular segments including a review of the week, the featured feature, BagoNews, and even a special surprise!

Have thoughts you’d like to share? Want to be a part of the show? Tweet at us @TheBagoCast or email our host Logan at [email protected]!

The BagoCast is the official podcast of video game outlet BagoGames. This weekly podcast, hosted by Senior Reviews Editor Logan Schultz, covers all of the news, reviews, features, and more that hit BagoGames along with specialty industry interviews and giveaways!

Our previous podcast, Bago On-the-Go!, is now part of The BagoCast.

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