The BagoCast Podcast #4 – Energy Hook Interview

Happy BagoCast Day! Unfortunately, we don’t have a regular episode for you this week, but we DO have a special interview with video game developer Jamie Fristrom, the mastermind behind the new game Energy Hook, which is out this week on PS4 and Steam.

Jamie happens to also be one of the guys behind the critically-acclaimed swinging mechanic from Spider-Man 2. Energy Hook is the sport of the future that utilizes this same swinging mechanic while also performing tricks and exploring unique and futuristic maps.

Take a listen!


And be sure to join us again next Friday for another episode! We’ll be back with the panel to discuss the weeks news, releases, and more!

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The BagoCast is the official podcast of video game outlet BagoGames. This weekly podcast, hosted by Senior Reviews Editor Logan Schultz, covers all of the news, reviews, features, and more that hit BagoGames along with specialty industry interviews and giveaways!

Our previous podcast, Bago On-the-Go!, is now part of The BagoCast.

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