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Bagogames at EGX Rezzed 2017: Fear Effect: Sedna Interview

Fear Effect: Sedna, Square Enix

Remember when we did that preview of Fear Effect: Sedna from a while ago? Sedna is an isometric strategy title with an action streak to it, following the misadventures of Hana, Glas and others as their mercenary business throws them into the world of legends. Prior entries to the series offered up Chinese mythology in a style that took “go to hell” as a challenge, while in Sedna the crew is visiting a world of Greenland Inuit beliefs.

Well, good news, I managed to get an interview with not only Thibaut (artistic director) but also Benjamin (CEO and game director) at Sushee Games about Fear Effect: Sedna, which you can watch below.

You can check out my preview of Fear Effect: Sedna here. You can also follow it on Steam as it aims for a 2017 release, with an Xbox One and PS4 release also in the works.

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