BagoGames Summer Kick-Off Giveaway: Magical Brickout Steam Key – Closed

Magical Brickout, Black Shell Media

Congratulations to Casey Wurster who won the Steam Key!

It’s the end of June and the beginning of the summer gaming season. So we are kicking it off by giving away a fun puzzle game: Magical Brickout!

This game offers hours of fun with puzzles. Rotate the bricks in a circle motion to keep the ball within the area. The graphics are hand painted and the fantasy theme is charming to behold. Beautiful lands of Wondaria are the pride of the country. Fairies work hard everyday to keep Wondaria in great condition for the glory of the kingdom. After years of peace, the sky turns dark. An evil wizard has kidnapped every fairy and keeps them trapped in bricks. These bricks were then used to build his own evil castle. It is up to you to challenge him and free the fairies. Using an enchanted orb, you will free the fairies by breaking each of the castle’s bricks. This is the task appointed to the one who will save the kingdom!

Magical Brickout was developed by Cunning Force Games and published by Black Shell Media. You can read more about the game by visiting the Steam Store.

One winner of this giveaway will receive the Magical Brickout Steam key. There are multiple ways to win and each participant can have several entries. Good Luck everyone!!
Magical Brickout Steam Key Giveaway


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