Building a Website Continues to Get Easier

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Gone are the days where a business or individual that needs a website had to go to outside website developers to come up with a website for them. There are now a number of options available for website building, all through simple to use website creators, that give easy-to-use tools in the hands of those that are in need of a website for themselves or their business.

Weebly is one option for website building, weebly.com

Weebly is one option for website building, www.weebly.com

While many may think that a simple Facebook or Tumblr account is all that is needed to keep your business or online presence up to par with the busy world of online interactions, there is much more to bear in mind. A social media outlet is very important for one’s business, that is for certain, as it can be a great way to interact with loyal customers, or bring in some new clients. However, a website is still far more professional, and can provide much more options for both the owner and for it’s clients. The ability to showcase a portfolio of work and have pertinent information at hand is one set of perks, as is the ability to tailor your visual identity far greater than what is allowed in social media sites barebones presentation options. Additionally, building and having your own site allows for you to have custom email addresses, ones that help to add legitimacy to your business, and this can help cultivate your overall identity. There are many options, but thankfully there are also tons of sites available that help you to choose the best services for building a great webstite.

All of these perks are great to know, but how easy is it to make a website? Well generally it’s as simple as drag and drop thanks to sites such as Weebly or Wix. Website creation sites generally have a number of options available in regards to templates to use for the style of the site, or the ability to create basic styles to your liking. Stock photos can easily be found and used or your own photos can also be uploaded and inserted into the sites. One key feature that has become prominent and is worth keeping an eye on is how well the creation website optimizes for mobile layouts. Mobile is how many people access websites in this day and age, and it is very important to have a website look it’s best, and most website-creation sites give the tools to do this quite handily. There are other things to keep in mind that these creation sites can do, such as set up easy hosting for your site, or help with WordPress functionality.

Have you used any website-creation sites, have you found them easy to use? Anyone have any favourites out there that they would recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

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