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New and old characters get a lick of paint in NSMBU screenshots!


Nintendo has announced a brand new, and quite purple, character for New Super Mario Bros. U. Its name is Nabbit, who seems to have a thing for stealing from Toads, and if you catch this guy Mario will recieve a P-Acorn. What does the acorn do you ask? It allows you to fly throughout the stage.

Also revealed is a  Challenge Mode, which will task you do things like clear a stage without collecting a coin. That is not all though, after completing a challenge, a replay of your play through will be saved. Nothing is better than showing off your achievement than good ol’ video proof if you ask me.

 A Coin Battle mode was also announced. This mode tasks up to 4 players to go through a stage, and to see who can collect the most coins.

Finally, Boost Mode was announced. In this mode, a player uses the Wii U GamePad to place Boost Blocks around the stage, and the Pad can be used to customize the coin layout in certain stages.

Besides the new game modes and Nabbit, Nintendo released a slew of screenshots for the launch title:

(Via Nintendo Magazine UK)

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