Charlotte Anime English Trailer Released by Aniplex


AniplexUS posted the English dub trailer for the anime Charlotte on their YouTube channel.

Charlotte is an anime series that follows Yu, a special boy with a secret talent, and his choice to use his special ability to gain entrance into an elite high school. He has the capability to possess other people at will which he uses much too freely for his own gain. Yu believed he could do anything he wanted, without anyone standing in his way and without any consequences. One day, he meets up with a mysterious girl named Nao Tomori and several other high school students who share similar special abilities. It is this meeting that changes Yu’s life forever as he learns the danger of outsiders learning he harbors such a talent.

Aniplex has posted the English Cast for the dubbed version as follows:

  • Ray Chase as Yu Otosaka
  • Lauren Landa as Nao Tomori
  • Lucien Dodge as Jojiro Takajo
  • Ryan Bartley as both Yusa & Misa Nishimori
  • Kira Buckland as Ayumi Otosaka

Volume 1 of the Charlotte anime series is being released on Blu-ray August 2016 and Volume 2 will be released November 2016. Both volumes are available to pre-order through the official Charlotte website.

Via AniplexUS YouTube

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