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Chop ‘Em Up in Wormax.io

“Kill or be killed” isn’t a new concept in the gaming world. It’s the essence of every Deathmatch in every multiplayer game ever made. But the form that a Deathmatch can take is virtually infinite. Wormax.io builds upon the success of Slither.io. In this multiplayer arena, your mission is clear: cut off other worms’ paths, and they will die.

Size matters in Wormax.io. The longer you are, the easier it is for you to trap other players. And your score is directly based on the length of your worm. Does this sound familiar? It’s the exact same concept as Slither.io, with snakes replaced by worms. The basic controls are also identical, requiring nothing but the mouse to guide your character. Even the arena looks the same, with glowing food orbs floating atop a hexagon-patterned background.

If Wormax.io was an exact clone of Slither.io, it wouldn’t be worth mentioning. Fortunately, Wormax.io is a great improvement upon its predecessor. This .io game is enhanced with plenty of special features. There are three skills to use during gameplay: Acceleration, Stop, and Ghost. Acceleration allows you to shed length for a quick speed boost. This is perfect for speeding in front of another worm and executing a swift attack. The Stop skill lets you halt in the middle of the arena. The perfect defensive ability, Stop is essential for staying alive when trapped. Ghost grants temporary invisibility, which doubles as invincibility. As a ghost, you can crawl through other worms without dying.

When available, any of the three skills can be activated with the press of a button. By default, these are reserved to Q, W, and E on the keyboard. If there are no skills available (or you don’t want to use them), you can continue to play using the mouse only.

The arena is also enhanced with five boosters. These appear randomly during gameplay, and most offer a special power that lasts for one minute. The boosters in Wormax.io are quite creative and beneficial. The Telescope makes your view zoom out, increasing your range of vision. The Toxic power lets you spread poison across the map, tricking other players into decreasing their own scores.

Like many other modern mobile games, Wormax.io includes a shop with optional power-ups. Although you don’t need power-ups (known as “artifacts”) to win, they certainly help. There are seven types of artifacts, all of which provide some sort of upgrade. You can purchase artifacts to increase your starting length or food-collecting range. There are also artifacts which decrease skill cooldown periods, allowing you to use special abilities more frequently.

Wormax.io takes Slither.io to the next level. Yes, we’re playing with worms instead of snakes. But really, this is basically the same game with a ton of extra features. One of the best new elements in Wormax.io is the “Play with a friend” button, available on the title screen. This generates a link to your own private game room. After practicing against gamers worldwide, you can challenge your friends to an even more competitive battle!

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