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A Look at Color Switch

I love reflex-based games, I can’t begin to tell you how many hours I’ve spent on games like Flappy Bird just trying to get as high of a score as possible. Color Switch is a game much like Flappy Bird, in which you play a small colorful ball, trying to make its way as far up as it can. Along the way, this ball must collect stars (as a form of scoring) and color-changing pickups so that the ball can pass through different colored rings.

Color Switch is a web-based flash game version of a popular mobile game created by Fortafy Games, in which you have to click at the right time to make your ball pass through the proper color to collect stars. If your ball passes through multi-colored color-changing balls, it then changes your ball’s color so that you have to wait for the right color to move around so you can progress forward. If you try to make a blue ball go through a purple gate or any other gate that isn’t blue, you will be required to start from the beginning.

(Color Switch, Poki.com)

Your obstacles come in many shapes, from triangles with three colors to squares or circles with four colors. Each shape rotates so that you have to time your movements carefully to not only get inside the shape (to collect the star) but also to get out of said shape and onto the next one. Like Flappy Bird, the fun of Color Switch is trial and error, learning to surpass each new obstacle without your finger getting too tired to continue.

Failure is something that Color Switch should make you familiar with. You will fail at surpassing an obstacle, but with repeated practice you’ll manage to learn how to succeed in it. Color Switch’s intense music has a great beat, and can help you concentrate as you play, but getting too into it can also work against you.

Overall, I liked Color Switch. I honestly can’t see much wrong with it as far as Flash Games go. If you like frustrating, yet addictive games (like Flappy Bird), you can’t go wrong with Color Switch. Between its addictive and colorful gameplay, and intense music, it is a great time waster.

Want to try out the web version of Color Switch for yourself? Pop on over to Poki.com!

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