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The Cooler You Are, The Better The Swag in Splatoon

Splatoon Mall BagoGames

We’d probably agree that there’s a whole lot more to life than being cool, but not if you’re on a shopping spree in Splatoon.

In lieu of its release sometime later this year, Nintendo’s shared a variety of new screens and new tidbits about the shops and shopkeepers of Splatoon‘s colorful world.

Splatoon Annie BagoGames


To the right is Annie, a sea anemone-wearing girl who sells you headgear. Her crustaceous peer, Crusty Sean (below) sells you shoes, and though he looks like a fried shrimp, don’t worry – it’s allegedly just a weird coat. Finally, Jelonzo (below) will sell you clothes despite wearing nothing but a baseball cap himself.

Despite being a mere jellyfish, a common creature in Splatoon, Jelonzo is fluent in the “Inkling language,” your language, where other jellyfish cannot. Expect to have some rousing conversations with the little blue guy.

The swag these three sell you are dependent on earned credit, but also your experience level, which determines just how “cool” you are. Some items will be more than just an aesthetic, being able to change certain properties of your Inkling.

Check out the gallery below for more snippets of shots from the mini-reveal, shrimp and all.


Via Siliconera & Splatoon on Tumblr 

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