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Deus Ex Go Review – Go the Way of the Future

(Deus Ex Go, Square Enix)
(Deus Ex Go, Square Enix)

The Go series of games made by Square Enix Montreal have taken the mobile world by storm since 2014 with the release of Hitman Go. The Go series blends puzzle elements with elements of the theme of whatever game it is emulating, providing unique puzzle experiences for fans of each series. Deus Ex Go is no exception, as it puts players in the role of Adam Jensen once again. Players must solve puzzles using augments, stealth, hacking and combat in pure Deus Ex fashion as they attempt to foil a terrorist plot.

It should be noted before reading any further that while not currently available, Square Enix Montreal plans to implement a puzzle editor for Deus Ex Go a few months after launch, enabling players to make their own levels. This is something unique to the Go series thus far, and will vastly enhance the longevity and replay value of Deus Ex Go.

In the meantime, Deus Ex Go will receive live updates every weekday. This will expand upon the 50 story levels released at launch through the use of the “live puzzles” module.

(Deus Ex Go, Square Enix)

(Deus Ex Go, Square Enix)

Deus Ex Go is played on a hexagonal grid with lines showcasing where Adam can move. Line of sight plays a large role as if you can break line of sight from an enemy chasing you, you can get the drop on them and get them out of your way. The aim of each level is to reach the glowing goal mark on each map without being defeated by enemies along the way.

Enemies can use TITAN augments, which require you to wait until they deactivate before you can attack them. This may cause you to need to avoid an enemy entirely rather than taking them on. Adam has use of augments as well, such as the invisibility augment which he can pick up, then use to either bypass an enemy or stealth kill them.

Enemies cannot cross one another or occupy the same space either, which enables you to bait them into blocking paths and preventing enemies from chasing you. This is where the puzzle side of Deus Ex Go comes into play, as many levels can be completed different ways depending on how you choose to approach them.

(Deus Ex Go, Square Enix)

(Deus Ex Go, Square Enix)

Enemy turrets can hit you at a distance instead of needing to touch you. If an enemy (or enemy turret) hits Adam, you will need to restart the level. Turrets can be hacked however, in order to protect Jensen from enemies in his path, or prevent them from attacking him. In order to hack an enemy turret, you must have Adam stand on a terminal/computer and draw a line to the turret or element you wish to hack. If there are multiple computer terminals on a level then you should be warned that lines cannot be crossed, so careful drawing is necessary to properly solve the puzzle presented.

If you cannot figure out the solution for a level, there are built in micro-transaction items that will allow you to purchase a solution to enable you to progress. The levels quickly become more complex and more difficult as time goes on, and despite the fact that I understood the mechanics well, I still needed solutions from time to time. I greatly like the way solutions work, as they do not just skip the level. They teach you how to complete it, having you do most of the work while guiding you through the puzzle.

If you own both Deus Ex Go and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, you can also earn Praxis to level up Adam’s augments in Mankind Divided through connecting both games to the same Square Enix membership.

There really isn’t anything wrong with Deus Ex Go if I’m honest. As a fan of puzzle games and of the Deus Ex franchise the only problem that I had with it was the story content did not have voice overs. In the grand scheme of things, the fact that a lack of voice over work is the ONLY problem certainly says a lot about just how polished and well crafted Deus Ex Go is. Deus Ex Go is probably the most addictive mobile game I’ve played in ages. Even when you fail, the game encourages you to keep going because you know that you can do better.

The visuals are both minimalistic and beautiful, and the gameplay is highly imaginative. Mixing Deus Ex mechanics with puzzle elements that the Go series is known for makes Deus Ex Go a fantastic mobile title. I’m normally not one to recommend very many mobile titles. Deus Ex Go isn’t like most; there is plenty to do, and enough substance to warrant the purchase either by Google Play or the Apple App Store.

An Android Review Code for Deus Ex Go was provided by Square Enix for the Purpose of this Review.

Deus Ex Go Review – Go the Way of the Future





    • Addictive gameplay
    • Difficult yet fair puzzles
    • Minimalistic yet beautiful graphics
    • Tons of content


    • No voice acting

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