E3 2015: 6 Things You Should Know About Total War: WARHAMMER

During E3 we were lucky enough to see a preliminary demo and interview for the upcoming, hyped up crossover; Total War: WARHAMMER. After seeing the impressive gameplay, we asked a bunch of questions that we think you will want to know the answers to in this handy list. Thanks to Jessica Kings for providing questions for the interview.


The lead writer for Total War: WARHAMMER used to be the lead writer for Games Workshop.

That’s right, Andy Hall, who worked at Games Workshop for years, helping to write the books and universe of WARHAMMER, happens to be the lead writer on this installment of Total War. So, having the creator of the vast storyline on the team gave the developers a huge advantage in creating this huge new fantasy in the Total War series. Having an entire universe to draw from, with no holes like you might find in history books, made it easier for the team to craft the game and focus on implementing the new gameplay mechanics.


Total War: WARHAMMER will have two follow up expansions bringing in more of the WARHAMMER universe.

The base game will focus on a storyline between the Empire, the Orcs, the Vampires and the Dwarfs, with more races to be added in the expansions. This gives the team the ability to focus on a more detailed campaign for each race, rather than having to spread it between all of them at once. It would also be very difficult to attempt to create each race with so many different units and attacks in one game. This is also the first time that the Total War series has a fantasy setting, making for magic and special units a new addition to be played around with.


You will conquer the Old World, with more locations to come.

If you were wondering what parts of the WARHAMMER map you would be able to divide and conquer, you should be happy to know that the base game will cover the Old World, with more locations from the universe to be added later. We don’t know if this will include the entire map, but it’s a possibility in the future.

It is possible for Dwarfs to befriend the Orcs.

As extremely unlikely as you may think, it is actually possible for any race to become allies with one another. However, as the team wants to be as faithful to the universe as possible, it won’t be an easy task for Dwarfs and Orcs to be friends. The Diplomacy options are all there for what you desire.


The Greenskins can create a WAAAGH!

Big WARHAMMER fans will know what this means, but I’ll explain for everyone else. In Total War as the Orcs, if you play well and consecutively win in battles, more and more Orcs will join your armies, creating huge numbers for you to control. This is based on when an Orc leader emerges and defeats anyone standing in his path, uniting other Orcs to fight by his side. This is one of the many details the team has decided to add into the game.


Total War: WARHAMMER is set to release some time next year.

The game is currently still in alpha and has a lot of work to be done, but it’s pretty much set in stone to be released in 2016 with the expansions some time after. Prepare for an epic clash of huge franchise with giant battles and engaging stories with the all new Quest Missions, a dynamic way to follow characters and storylines. More details will be released when we have them.




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