E3 2016: Survival is the Next Expansion for The Division

Survival, the next expansion for The Division, was teased during Ubisoft’s E3 Press Conference. A new trailer was shown, which featured a Division agent crashing into New York, and seeking out food, only to be chased down by a bunch of rioters. The agent is saved at the end by teammates, but at the end of the trailer an armoured soldier that looks to be a member of The Last Man Battalion is shown.

Survival was touted as being an all-new way to play The Division, as it was described as being a struggle to find supplies in the city, and that some of the most brutal weather would have to be braved. Other than that, not much is known about Survival. On Ubisoft’s list of Division releases it has always been listed as Summer, following the first expansion, Underground. Hopefully Ubisoft will release more info as to when the expansion launches.

The first expansion, Underground, was shown off earlier in the day, and we have the info here for it. The game was one of Ubisoft’s most promising new IP’s, but a plague of bugs, glitches, and rampant cheating has dropped the user base immensely since launch. Massive has worked hard to fix many of these issues, so hopefully their fixes, and new content, will be enough to bring players back to Manhattan.

Source: Ubisoft Press Conference

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