E3 2017: Guilty Gear Dev Developing Dragon Ball FighterZ for Consoles

Guilty Gear and Blazblue developer, Arc System Works, is developing a new 2.5D Dragon Ball Z fighting game with 3v3 battles. The trailer for Dragon Ball FighterZ was revealed during Xbox’s E3 Media Briefing.

Like Guilty Gear Xrd, Dragon Ball FighterZ features 3D characters on a 2D plain in a very anime style. It looks as if the anime was directly translated into the game. Eric Hartness, Vice President of Marketing at Bandai Namco Entertainment America said in the press release, “Arc System Works brings a pedigree and record of quality that fighting game fans can trust; with awesome visuals, players might mistake as actual 2D animation from the famed DRAGON BALL series.

There are not many details that have been shared about the game so far, but Dragon Ball FighterZ (much like the Marvel vs Capcom series) will feature 3v3 battle mechanics. According to the press release, “The game [..] encourages players to train and master more than one fighter and style, delivering richer gameplay and motivation to take down the competition.

Before the game’s release in Early 2018, Dragon Ball FighterZ will be getting a closed beta before the end of the summer. Details about that will be given soon. This new Dragon Ball fighting game will be launching on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Sorry, Switch owners!

Source: Microsoft E3 Conference

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