E3 2017: Metroid Prime 4 Officially Announced for Nintendo Switch

One of the most anticipated titles in gaming, that seemed like it was never going to come, has been revealed by Nintendo. Metroid Prime 4 for the Switch was confirmed by Nintendo this morning during their E3 presentation, though little was shown other than a title card. That is still perhaps good enough for many fans, who have waited patiently for any news at all from Nintendo for a new game in the Metroid series.

Metroid Prime, Nintendo

This ties back to last year’s Nintendo E3 presentation where Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime teased the game, saying to ask him again in a year about Metroid or Mother 3. Sadly nothing was shown in regards to the other title, Mother 3, but it appears as if Nintendo is finally giving fans what they have been clamoring for. It was also not confirmed who was developing it, as is often the case for Nintendo titles. However, as it has been years since Retro released Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, and have been actively hiring, one would assume that they are in fact behind Metroid Prime 4 after having developed the other titles in the series.

Again, little was revealed from Nintendo outside of the fact that it exists, but this is easily one of the biggest reveals from E3 this year. Are you a Metroid fan, excited for Metroid Prime 4 or would you prefer a traditional 2d Metroid game? Let us know below what your thoughts are.

Source: Nintendo E3 Presentation

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