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E3 2017: Monster Hunter: World Trailer Revealed

Imagine living in a vast and ancient world filled with exotic plants and enormous monsters. Now imagine being employed to hunt down specific monsters while crafting armor and weapons from the spoils of the requests. That is what Monster Hunter consists of, although the love for the franchise is also due to the multitude of jokes and the excitement, the main purpose of the series is to hunt down monsters. Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World trailer shown at tonight’s Sony E3 presentation will delight fans except the changes may confuse some hunters.

Within the franchise, the graphics have gone under considerable changes. Now, Monster Hunter: World presents the most realistic-looking MH game hunters have ever seen from Capcom. It takes several looks to discover it is in fact a member of the MH franchise. The monsters included in the trailer range from the Great Jaggi to the normal Rathian. The end of the trailer shows the hunter roasting meat in the traditional fashion implying the stamina and food mechanics are staying. One vital element of the MH universe is notably missing: Felynes. Where are the adorable and helpful cat companions? Perhaps Capcom will reveal more about this realistic fantasy game during the week.

The open world concept is a stranger to the franchise and may not sit well with traditionalists. Perhaps Capcom’s team worked out a way to bring new ideas to this beloved series. Monster Hunter: World was shown off during Sony’s presentation and will be released on the PS4, Xbox One and PC in Early 2018.

Are you a monster hunter? Let us know if you are interested in playing Monster Hunter: World in the comment section below.

Source: Sony E3 Conference

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