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E3 2017: New Days Gone Gameplay shown at Sony E3 Conference

At last year’s E3, Days Gone was announced and since then there have not been many announcements about the game’s contents or how it plays. We were shown a glimpse of the world, and the sheer amount of zombies that we will encounter, but nothing else since then. At this year’s Sony E3 conference, we were given another glimpse at just what Days Gone could be, with all new gameplay.

The gruesome bits of gameplay gave us a look at just what Deacon St. John is up against, from other survivors that have armed themselves like gangs, to large overwhelming swarms of zombies. We were able to see new things, however, like using those very same zombies to distract enemy groups. By using explosives to blow up a barrier, Deacon is able to distract the people who have captured his friend, by letting loose the zombies on the other side of the barrier.

On top of that, there were other tidbits showcased, like quick-time events, a zombified bear, and traversal using Deacon’s motorcycle. There were even differing types of weather conditions, and a showcase of Deacon’s tracking skills. It is clear that Days Gone is going to be brutal and gruesome in many places, but I can’t help but wonder how similar it is going to be to The Last of Us (and its upcoming sequel.)

The six minutes of gameplay shown, detail some form of stealth mechanics, things like explosives, and (as previously stated) plenty of quick-time events. I am hopeful that Days Gone will not rely too heavily on quick-time events as that can be the downfall of an otherwise fantastic game. Either way, I’m curious to see what happens with Days Gone when it releases in December, we can only hope that it will live up to the grand designs of its creators.

Source: Sony E3 Conference (Gamespot’s Youtube)

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