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E3 2017: Spider-Man Gameplay Revealed at Sony Conference

Sony’s E3 conference showed off a lot of games, most that aren’t releasing until 2018. One of the more promising titles to release in 2018 is Spider-Man on the PlayStation 4. There were 8 minutes of all new content shown at Sony’s conference, which showed off everything from navigation, quick time events, combat, and even stealth.

Insomniac Games has been hard at work on this latest Spider-Man adventure, which is slated to release sometime in 2018. The gameplay shown at E3 consisted of a section of gameplay where Spider-Man not only had to take down some of Wilson Fisk’s men but also had to save them from an enemy group called The Demons. The Demons seem to be a new gang that is attempting to take some of Fisk’s territory; however, the problem becomes a bit more complicated when Spider-Man learns that the leader of The Demons is a businessman with some sort of powers. This leads to a helicopter chase that causes him to have to protect the citizens of New York and try to stop the helicopter from destroying parts of the city.

An interesting easter egg was shown as well at the end of the trailer, referencing Miles Morales in a big way. It has not been revealed whether this game will feature both Peter Parker and Miles Morales, or just one of them. What is clear is that there is a mix of exploration, stealth, and combat. Spider-Man feels like an Arkham game, in the best way, with a Spider-Man finish. New York looks amazing as well, so hopefully it will lead to great open-world exploration.

A notable part of Spider-Man’s gameplay is that it showcases not only Spider Man’s powers, but also some gadgets as well, such as tripwire-esque traps that web an enemy that crosses them. This Spider-Man game feels more polished and true to the comics and franchise than any that have come before (in my opinion) so I can’t wait to see what becomes of Spider-Man when it releases on PlayStation 4 in 2018.

Source: Sony E3 Conference

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