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FIFA 18 Confirmed for Nintendo Switch


FIFA 18 has been confirmed by EA to be coming later this year to the Nintendo Switch. Previously, the game had only been announced as “EA Sports FIFA on Nintendo Switch,” which led some to wonder whether or not the game would be the new yearly instalment, or perhaps a FIFA legends-type game and not tied to the yearly instalments of the hit franchise. This is great news for fans of the franchise as the game should contain all of the modes and players that they know and love, but now with the portability of the Switch.



In an interview with Game Reactor, EA chief competition officer Peter Moore confirmed that the game would be the next instalment in the franchise, but most notably that FIFA 18 for the Switch was being built from the ground up. The FIFA team in Vancouver, Canada are the ones responsible for the game and will be doing the custom build for this year’s release. Little is known, however, what features will be utilized by the development team, but one can guess that it would be along the same lines as how the NBA 2K release is being handled. Features such as local ad-hoc multiplayer between systems, as well as simplified joy-con controls allowing for multiple players on one Switch. A focus on multiplayer action will almost assuredly be key to how the FIFA team handles the game, but hopefully other popular modes such as The Journey and FUT will be available for players.

EA supported the Wii U at the start with some great ports, but due to poor sales scaled back their support of the system and hit franchises like FIFA not being on the system were noticeable to many. With EA announcing that FIFA 18 will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, hopefully the game, and system, sell well enough for EA to continue supporting the Switch. Having FIFA on the go will be great, but also having Madden, Mass Effect, even Plants vs Zombies would be a great boost for Nintendo, so here’s hoping for some FIFA success this year.

Source: Game Reactor

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