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Film Fallout Podcast #63 – King Arthur: Master of None

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
(King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Warner Bros.)

This week’s episode title might be the most succinct there has been for the show. Christopher Cross and Dylan Schwan are back to review Guy Ritchie’s take on the story of King Arthur, with King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. We examine why this movie feels so much like a video game, how many times Ritchie can use montages to deliver exposition, and how weird this film is overall.

Then, we of course talk about Master of None and its second season. Aziz Ansari is back and Dylan managed to binge the entire season already and Chris saw the first four episodes. Oh, and Chris saw Unforgettable which he talks about briefly. We also have our usual news, including a look at the Blade Runner 2049 trailer that was released, and the blu-ray releases from this week, including our pick of the week: xXx: Return of Xander Cage. A movie which we recorded a podcast for earlier this year.

Next week, we’ll be back with a review of Alien: Covenant, but stay tuned on Friday May 19th because there will be a special episode where we dissect all of the prior Alien films (excluding Alien Vs Predator and its sequel). Until then, give a listen to the podcast below:

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