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Film Fallout Podcast #66 – Wonder Woman v Captain Underpants

(Wonder Woman)
(Wonder Woman, Warner Bros.)

It’s superhero week as Christopher Cross and Dylan Schwan finally review the standalone Wonder Woman film, starring the titular hero. It joins the DC Extended Universe and we have the same question as you do – is it actually any good? Well, give the podcast a listen for the answer. On top of that, we got all the hottest takes on feminism, superhero movies, and the plight of starring opposite Chris Pine. Our discussion on Wonder Woman starts at 57:06.

But wait! There’s one other superhero movie out this week and it is filled with poop jokes. That’s right, Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie has been adapted to the big screen and Chris and Dylan discuss it as a kids movie, a superhero film, and a source of nostalgia. They also talk about the finale of The Leftovers (with a full review of the series coming next week), and Dylan saw Hounds of Love.

There were Blu-rays again this week, including our picks of A Cure for Wellness (which we did a podcast on) and The Young Pope. We’ve got Wonder Woman news, a Murder on the Orient Express trailer to not like, and HUGE Kevin Can Wait news, so you know we pulled out all the stops for this episode.

Next week, we’ll return with a review of The Leftovers complete series, and probably some reviews of It Comes at Night and The Mummy. In the meantime, give the podcast a listen below.

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