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Film Fallout Podcast Anthology – The Films of Alien

(Alien, Twentieth Century-Fox Productions)

Remember when we did that episode on The Fast and the Furious franchise? Well, Christopher Cross and Dylan Schwan are back at it again, but this time with a look at the films in the Alien series. Ridley Scott’s extraordinary introduction and lukewarm return to the series, James Cameron’s “bigger and better” attitude, David Fincher’s disowned contribution, and the movie that is written by Joss Whedon but is too ludicrous to save itself, we cover everything in the franchise this episode.

The idea with this anthology series is to try and do something once a month (maybe less frequently depending on our schedules), where we tackle a series for newcomers or go into painstaking detail for the fans of that series. It may end up widening to a director’s filmography, or a TV show, etc… but we’re gonna try our best to provide a detailed analysis of each film.

We discuss the Alien films in the order they were released, and then give our personal rankings of the films (which end up being the exact same, controversial ones). Is Alien 3 worth disowning? Is Aliens a good sequel to Alien? How bad is Alien: Resurrection? How well does Prometheus tie into the series? Is Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) really the main character of this series? Well, give the podcast a listen below to find out our thoughts and remember: on the internet, no one can hear you scream.

Next week, you can find a regular episode of the podcast on Wednesday, May 24th with our review of Alien: Covenant.

Film Fallout is a weekly podcast about film and television. Every week, Christopher Cross and Dylan Schwan discuss news happening in the industry, blu-ray releases coming out this week, what they’ve been watching, and then a review of one movie. You can listen to it on SoundCloud, iTunes, or on BagoGames. Also follow us on Instagram for some behind-the-scenes magic. We are both on Twitter, if you’d like to follow us there. Chris is @HammerkopCross, Dylan is @DreaminDylanS, and you can follow the podcast @Filmfalloutcast. And finally, there is a Facebook page for the podcast if you’d like to ‘like’ us on that.

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