Five Eras We Want To See In Assassins Creed

Five Eras We Want To See In Assassins Creed

Now that Ubisoft has finally left Italy behind in the Assassins Creed games, we have to wonder what they have in store for us next. The Revolutionary War and the Caribbean were pretty big surprises for gamers everywhere. Now with two new games down the pipeline and a couple of eras knocked off the docket, here are five eras that we would like to play around in in the Animus.


5) The Wild West

Assassins Creed

Rockstar showed the world that an old West video game can be done, and can be done quite well. Red Dead Redemption was an amazing open world game, so maybe now it’s time for Ubisoft to show us what they can do in rumble and tumble of the Wild West. We’ve seen that Ubisoft can give us a nice wooded area and rural towns to play in, but let’s move that out West where the six-gun ruled the land. Ubisoft already teased such in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag this past year in its Abstergo offices.

Imagine running into Wyatt Earp and making sure that he survives the O.K. Corral gunfight and the many others following that. Or ensuring that the Lincoln County War happens and that Pat Garret is successful in killing Billy the Kid. There’s much history here to move around in and include the Assassins and Templars in. Hopefully Ubisoft will want to branch out from Assassins Creed III and want to play in more of our America history books.


4) Feudal Japan

Assassins Creed

Feudal Japan seems like a perfect place for an Assassin and Templar war with rival Daimyo’s fighting over land and peasants. Daimyo’s were the second most powerful warlords in Feudal Japan under the Shogun. These rival Daimyo’s would make perfect protagonists and antagonists for the games.

Think about two warlords fighting for a piece of land that may or may not have a piece of Eden hidden on it. Huge Samurai armies fighting, the lone assassins attempting to take out the Daimyo or the head Samurai. Tecmo Koei has been reveling in this era for quite sometime with their Dynasty Warriors series and their latest take on The Legend of Zelda, why not let Ubisoft put their magic touch on it?


3) World War I

Assassins Creed

World War I is sadly an oft forgotten war, forgotten in some classrooms and rarely seen in the video game genre. The last game that I can think of that had some World War I levels was The Darkness, and those levels hit me like a breath of fresh air. It would make sense that the Templars would want to spark this war so that they could regain their influence over the United States and find those last remaining Pieces of Eden.

In 1914, the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, by a Serbian nationalist ignited the world into war. One could see the evil hands of the Templars in this plot, trying to get the United States into the conflict and hopefully defeated. As we all know the United States didn’t enter the war immediately, so one could also believe that the Templars sank the RMS Lusitania with a German U-boat. Successfully killing 120 Americans in the process, and leading a trail for the United States to enter the war. This would be a great story set up, and it would be amazing to be outfitted as an Assassin with the WWI uniform and fighting Germans and Templars in the trenches while avoiding mustard gas. Take me back 100 years Ubisoft, and take my money!


2) The Sixties

Assassins Creed

Many people have said that The Sixties was the generation that changed the face of America. The Civil Rights Movement, the start of Vietnam War, President Kennedy’s Assassination, The Cuban Missile Crisis, all of these events and more changed America. An interesting story could be weaved through all of these events to reveal an important Piece of Eden: Templars having their hand and Assassins attempted to stop some of their plots would make for an Assassins Creed game even more interesting than number 3.

Maybe Lee Harvey Oswald was a Templar stooge who had to take the fall, and instead of killing Johnson as well, the Assassin was able to remove that shooter from the map. Jack Ruby would also have to have been a Templar, making sure that the story stayed very hidden. Ruby’s death years later in prison may not have been due to cancer, but an Assassin finally getting some answers. Plus, this game would have an awesome soundtrack and rival that of Forrest Gump’s. Who wouldn’t want that?


1) Civil War

Assassins Creed

A shot rings out at Ford’s Theatre. A scream is heard and a man is seen leaping from the balcony onto the stage. What history forgot (or fails to mention) is the white clad follower of Booth.

The Civil War was America’s bloodiest war, that pitted brother against brother, and made President Lincoln one of our greatest presidents. What if the Templars started it all so that the South could win and the French grab a foothold in America? Our protagonist could be seen walking through the Battle of Gettysburg, hobnobbing with General Grant, and finally in the endgame, confronting John Wilkes Booth in the barn that he allegedly died in.

There are many myths and rumors about how Booth finally met his demise, which would make it an even better final boss. It could actually be conceivable that a white clad Assassin took him out in that barn to learn more of the Templar’s secrets.


These five eras are just the tip of the iceberg of what Ubisoft could touch. What era’s would you like to see Ubisoft play in? Sound off in the comments.

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