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Soul Sacrifice Preview

Soul Sacrifice is a PS Vita game that upon first glance may have you thinking that it is a Monster Hunter clone. After having some hands-on time with the early demo build, I can safely say that this is not...

Shaping Up Your Life | Sound Shapes Review

If you are one of the many people shouting out for more PSVita titles - you're in luck. Sound Shapes will catch you off guard and hook you in with its charm and innovative gameplay mechanics. This beautiful piece is a music based platformer that continues to evolve and change as you progress throughout its musical worlds.

Falling Has Never Been So Cool | Gravity Rush Review

So if I asked you, have you ever wondered what it would be like to jump off the side of a building and know you won't injure yourself? You so would take me up on that offer and you would get such a rush from it. Well Gravity Rush is one of the closest ways to experience that. Having the freedom in the game to jump and fall off anything is one of the many great way's that you will enjoy this PSVITA title.