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Here’s Some New Gameplay Footage From Capcom’s New IP, Remember Me

RememberMe_GC12_Screenshots_2 copy

Remember Me shows a lot of promise, mostly due to it’s futuristic, sci-fi setting and how it intends to deal with memories and privacy. It’s still got a ways to go until it releases next year, but from what’s been shown so far, I think this is one to keep an pair of eyes on.

New, uncut gameplay footage that comes from Gamescom has been put onto the internet for the world to see as it shows protagonist, Nilin being chased down by an officer in a fancy helicopter. Clocking in at close to ten minutes, this gameplay shows a lot of what we can probably expect from the full game. That being said, the climbing looks a bit stiff (given her situation) and the combat, as fun as it looks, doesn’t seem to really need that hit-counter on the side; it looks out of place, honestly.

Still, Remember Me is nowhere near its release date yet, so there’s plenty of room for change.

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